whim: an odd or capricious notion or desire; a sudden or freakish fancy

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

my life according to buzzfeed quizzes

Sometimes I wonder if I should be doing more productive things with my free time, but then I think naaaah. And then I take another quiz.

So, without further ado, here is a summary of my life and personality according to wise, wonderful, always reliable universe of Buzzfeed quizzes:

1. Which Jane Austen hero is your soulmate? 
Mr. George Knightly (I was hoping for Wentworth, but alas)

2. Which Jane Austen heroine are you? 
Anne Elliot (I am most pleased) 

3. Which American president are you?
Andrew Jackson 

4. What is your patronus?

5. What should you give up for Lent? 
Caffeine (I don't actually drink caffeine, except for the occasional Dr. Pepper to keep me awake when I'm driving to and from work. So this probably means I should give up NOTHING for Lent. Actually, I really should give up Buzzfeed.) 

6. What kind of ghost will you be? 
White Lady (a vengeful spirit who haunts a lighthouse by a rocky cliff? Okay, sure, that sound good.)

7. What kind of cat are you? 
Indoor cat (this seems like a copout. Aren't there a lot of cats who are technically indoor cats? But if you mean introvert, then yes, that would be accurate.)

8. Which Jurassic Park character are you?
The sassy velociraptor (yes, please)

9. Which period in history do you really belong in? 
Imperial China (hmmm.)

10. Which character from Shakespeare are you?

11. Which philosopher are you?
Nietzsche (hehe)

12. Which Joss Whedon character are you?
Kaylie from Firefly. I like her, and they describe her as an "adorable badass." I'm okay with that.

13. Which strong female character are you?
Princess Leia (love)

14. Which fandom do you actually belong in?
Whedonverse (I love this. I mean, the Tolkien universe is always appealing to me, but I'm pretty sure Joss Whedon gets my heart)

15. Which Hogwarts House do you actually belong in?

16. Which Harry Potter character are you?
Dumbledore (okay?)

17. Which Doctor Who companion are you?
Clara Oswin Oswald (I really like Clara. They do need to spend a lot more time developing her character, but overall, she rocks my socks off)

18. Which dream home should you live in?
A beach house in Bali (yes, I'm on board with that one!)

19. What city should you actually live in?
Cape Town, South Africa (this conflicts with #18, but I'm okay with two houses.)

20. Which Disney hero is your true love?
Flynn Rider

21. Which Disney princess are you?

22. Which European country should you actually live in?
Sweden (three houses?!)

23. Which career should you have?
Writer (MFA Creative Writing degree in hand--now where's my money??)

I'm sure there are more, but let's call it a day. 

And now you know the true me.